Tips for a beautiful skin

What should I pay attention to before hair removal?
  • Do not sunbathe or visit a solarium 24 hours before hair removal with warm wax or electroepilation.
  • Make sure that your skin is clean and as fat-free as possible. This way the warm wax adheres better.
How do I care for my skin after depilation?
  • After depilation, your skin needs good care because it is slightly irritated. Use care products that soothe the skin and are fragrance-free. We also recommend cooling compresses to soothe the skin, e.g. with herbs.

  • Wait a few hours before applying perfumed alcoholic deodorants and similar products with chemical additives that can irritate your skin.
  • After hair removal, it is best not to wear too tight clothing that rubs against the skin.
  • Protect your skin from strong sunlight 24 hours after depilation and do not use a solarium.
  • After electroepilation, we recommend the use of a natural soothing lotion specially developed for sensitive skin after treatment. It is also important that the treated area of the body does not come into contact with water for 24 hours.