Burn fat without diet

Do you know DiViNiA? This is wellness technology with ultrasound for your figure and your skin. 


With DiViNiA you strengthen your body, purify it and break down fat, without any hair-raising diet, sports that strain the joints or surgical interventions.


You can look forward to immediately visible results, because you lose measurable body circumference already after the first treatment:


  • circumference reduction & fat reduction
  • firm tissue & beautiful skin for face and body
  • whole body or punctual muscle building
  • facials
  • cellulite regression
  • strengthening of the pelvic floor

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Already after the 1st treatment you can reduce your circumference by 2 to 5 centimeters! 

How DiViNiA works

Lying down to the new figure 


DiViNiA is a new technique that uses ultrasound to create a new figure. Gentle on the joints, relaxing and particularly efficient. This technique is popular because it works against even stubborn fat deposits and tension - and because men and women can feel and see the results immediately. No matter whether the annoying fat pads on the stomach, cellulite on the thighs and bottom are to be tackled, or the arms are to be tightened. 


With DiViNiA Ultra your skin can become visibly firmer, because the fine current impulse stimulates the metabolism and supports the release of fatty acids. The technique also regenerates damaged tissue. This dissolves waste products and removes them completely painlessly


The impulse of the DiViNiA Ultra also stimulates every muscle down to the deepest tissue layers. This technique also achieves great success with back problems, urinary incontinence and muscle build-up without strength training while you are lying comfortably. DiViNiA Ultra is therefore also very suitable for older people.



Register now for a trial treatment!

We will be happy to advise you in detail.

DiViNiA Ultra with Canan Kreis