Lifting, skin tightening & wrinkle reduction

The "selective thermal collagen synthesis", short STC, allows an alternative, non-invasive facelift without scalpel and syringe. This innovative procedure delivers an absolutely natural result and, unlike other lifting methods, it is completely free of the often mask-like appearance. 


The ultrasonic lifting method is largely painless and represents an effective alternative to the surgical facelift. Completely without downtimes.


The tissue is not surgically "pulled", but rebuilt. The special feature of the ultrasound-based treatment is that it uses the body's own repair mechanisms to gently and gradually rebuild the skin and the supporting effect of the underlying tissue.

Face, forehead, eyebrows, jaw, chin line, neck, décolleté, chest, upper arms, stomach, legs and bottom can be treated.

What does a treatment look like?

The skin is cleaned, the area of the body where a tightening is to be achieved is marked and provided with contact gel. Subsequently, the treatment head of the ultrasound device is systematically moved over the body area. Here the focused ultrasonic energy achieves many punctual heat irritations in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The tissue then contracts, collagen formation is stimulated and is visible after 3 to 6 months on the skin surface as a natural elevation and tightening. Immediately after the treatment you can return to your everyday life, no special measures have to be taken.

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment lasts 30-120 minutes depending on the zone.

How many treatments are necessary?

The treatment should be performed 1-2 times. Often, however, only one treatment is needed. 


In the medium term an effect duration of 2 to 3 years can be expected. If the treatment is repeated after one year, the breakdown of the collagen fibres can already be counteracted.


After the age of 60 the treatment should be repeated after one year as the degradation of collagen and elastins is accelerated at this age.

Are there side effects?

The skin may be a little reddened immediately after use. However, this redness disappears within a few hours. 


In some cases there may be slight swelling, which disappears quickly. 


Slight sensitivity to touch and gentle tingling can also occur, which subside after a few days. 


Subjectively, a feeling of tightness is felt immediately after the treatment.

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